Thursday, December 6, 2012


I read this quote from one my favorite blogs, Top of the Page:

"Living your life to get that deep God-like validation from your peers is a scary place to be in. If someone threatens your sense of self and questions your choices, watch out. "On Christ the SOLID ROCK I stand. All other ground is sinking sand..." Basing one's self-worth on the opinions of the masses is nothing but sinking sand."

What happened to the me that didn’t care what people thought? Some days, I wish I could be her again. I was so “out there” then. Paved my own path. Created my own style. Nothing of mine was like that of my peers. I allowed myself to be free. And think freely. To be ME.

I’m on a mission again to gain some of that independent thought back into my daily life. This round, a little wiser, a bit more educated, and more in tune with my faith.

On the heels of that, Pete and I often cringe at the thought of someone seeing our son drink from his bottle. Given that he’s 16 months now. Apparently, in the big book of parenting that’s a “no-no.”

I was completely textbook raising both our “bigs” – and partly because they cooperated soundly. Reef has, also -- around 6-8 months started drinking water from sippy cups, and around one year old began drinking from real cups. He uses both forks and spoons (preferably on his part) and feeds himself. So, I just don’t think it’s much of a big deal for him to stop drinking milk from a bottle if it makes him happy. We don't let them him drink from bottles in the night, but he sure considers it a real treat to snuggle one of us and sooth himself with a warm bottle of milk just before bedtime. Back in the "old days" they didn’t have sippy cups, so why is it a big deal now?! I know he won’t be 5 years old drinking from a for now…I am just letting him be little.


Song: Whatever You're Doing   Artist: Sanctus Real


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