Sunday, December 2, 2012

conversations at home

[Walking into Michael's, I stop to look at the poinsettias. I look up and Pete is walking towards me with a passionate eye and slight grin. Leans in for a kiss.]

Me: "Whoa, what gives with that stuff stuck in your teeth?"

Pete: "What stuff?"

Me: "I don't know. But it's green and gross."

Pete: [digs it out with nail and giggles. I walked slightly ahead, afraid that what it was just might get wiped off on my skirt.]

Pete: "You know, I was going to say something really sweet."

Me: "So, I ruined a romantic moment? What were you going to say?"

Pete: "How happy I am and how much I love our life together."

Me: [head hangs in shame but heart smiles]

Song: I Found You   Artist: Alabama Shakes


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