Wednesday, November 28, 2012

christmas entertaining

It's never too early to talk about Christmas parties, is it?

I haven't hosted a Christmas party in years. Years! But Pete and I have suggested it every year since we've been in our home. One of us bringing the other back to reality rather quickly. Still, it sounds like fun, and maybe we will one of these days -- we love entertaining. Nevertheless, it's fun to think about how our party would look.

Here some ideas/inspirations that I have been looking at...

...homemade hot chocolate bar. favors. (Use sharpie to write on dollar store mugs and then bake them in the oven.)

Do you have a great recipe or party idea? I would love to hear. 


Song: Sexy Party   Artist: J. Rabbit & Tremourz
(I know, not very Christmas-y, but my son and I bond discovering new techno songs, and this is one of them.)


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