Monday, October 29, 2012

signs you're raising a toddler

1.    You have said “I need to go potty” to another adult and meant it.

2.    There are balls of varying sizes under every sofa, chair, and bookshelf.

3.    You’ve back-tracked on your walking route for half a mile in search of a lost sock or toy (aka Taggy).

4.    You’ve learned to accomplish 8 hours worth of work in the span of a 2-hour nap.
5.    You have had a conversation with your spouse about how the voice of Cat in the Hat is Martin Short.

6.    All hell breaks loose in your house if you run out of yogurt or whole milk.

7.    You’ve actually had to say the following things out loud “Don’t eat the acorn, please” and “The q-tip is not a sucker.”

8.    Goldfish crackers mysteriously appear around the house and in your shirt.

9.    You have been roused from a dead sleep by music being played from a crib.

Help me think of a #10. List your 'signs' below in the comments section. Don’t forget to leave your web link.

Song: Breathe In Breathe Out   Artist: Mat Kearney


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  1. I just loved reading this... Brought back wonderful memories. Particularly the "taggie". I can't tell you how many times I had to turn around and drive back to wherever and pick up Kennedi's taggie blanket. We still have it in her time capsule. And some of your remarks made me think of "signs I'm raising a puppy..." :)


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