Friday, October 19, 2012


Networking has a bad rap. And rightly so I’m seeing. I’d rather see more networking being had for selfless reasons.

Networking is about people. And about relationships.

People are exclusive to themselves. What a boring world it would be if we were all the same. Every person you meet, come in contact with, or even work with on a daily basis has a story, a skill set, a passion, and an aspiration.  When you take the time to become acquainted with people and see how this complex world God created is divinely intertwined, you become conscious of how you can help those around you and they can help you. Part of it is putting to death self-sufficiency. Part of it is realizing the world is larger than your little paradigm. Most of it is recognizing that people desire to share their dreams and have others to chase those dreams with them.

With very few exceptions, accomplishment has more to do with the people you surround yourself with than the talents you have individually.  I have always enjoyed working with brilliant and passionate people.  I even married one. The results of a cohesive group of people with a similar vision is so much more powerful than the work of an individual seeking credit and fame.

As communicated at our church, The Loft, the past many a Sunday, “we can glorify God more together than we can separately.”

What if we took the time to truly get to know people? What if we shared our dreams and aspirations with each other? What if we joyfully pooled the resources, connections, and gifts God has given us in order to help each other reach our goals? Yes, networking can be a self-centered effort to get something or somewhere by using other people, but I truly believe that those motives will be found out and will not have long term benefits.

In the end, networking is an outward-focused, humble-pursuit of  what God can do in and through the people around us by developing relationships. So don’t just see networking as an opportunity to personally benefit, but attempt to view networking as an opportunity to be a tool for God working in the lives of others as well.

Song: Caring is Creepy   Artist: The Shins


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