Tuesday, October 23, 2012

if you know me...

You would know that I love to clean my house
But that the one chore I happily trade off is unloading the dishwasher

You would know that I have dreams. A lot of them.
And they entail dreams for my children.

You would know that though I love to dress up for Halloween, I don’t like scary movies.
When I watch them, Pete has to escort me to the bathroom in the middle of the night. For at least a week.

You would know that I’m a sucker for packaging, branding, typography and all-over good design.
Sometimes this dictates even my wine purchase(s).

You would know that the only food I don’t like is peanut butter.
And that’s very un-American, I know.

You would know that I would much rather have something homemade than store bought.
This probably relates more towards ‘things’ than food.

You would know that Pete and our children are my world.
They are the air that I breathe.

You would know that I have a very sensitive sense of smell.
I can’t clean a kitty litter box without gagging. Don’t come near me if you have gas.

You would know that one of my favorite books is On the Road by Jack Kerouac.
Another is The History of Love by Nicole Krauss.

You would know that I always wanted to be a marine biologist or a veterinarian when I was growing up.
Interesting that I am neither.

You would know that I nearly always conclude my laughs with a little “hmm” at the end.
I didn’t know that about me either until just a few years ago.

You would know that I’m most comfortable in tanks, jeans, and flip flops.
I do feel more womanly in pencil skirts and pointy toe heels, however.

You would know that I’m completely smitten with all things 40s-50s vintage.
When men wore hats and women never left the house wearing their pajama pants.

You would know that I’m often late to everything.
It doesn’t mean your time isn’t precious to me. I just tend to lolly-gag. A lot.

You would know that I love chubby baby legs.
It’s probably not normal that I somewhat salivate at the site of my baby when he runs around naked.

You would know that my all-time favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
And up through 2010, I indulged in a bowl of ice cream every night before bed. Repeat: every night.

You would know that I love to write and paint and sing and take walks.
These are my outlets; a means of releasing the day’s stresses.

You would know that I’m pretty carefree about most things.
As long as I’ve had ample sleep.

You would know that I have an infatuation with the Asian culture.
The art, the calligraphy, the food - *swoon*

You would know that if there’s a pistachio in a mile radius, that I will find it.
Never leave them unattended.

You would know that a cool breeze makes me giddy.
I love to turn up the music loud and open my sunroof when it’s cool outside.

You would know that peoples’ circumstances are hard-pressed in my mind.
I worry about my loved ones even though I may not talk about it.

You would know that I never believed in soul mates.
Until I met Pete.

You would know I was wrong about that.

What would I know about you?

Song: World Looking In   Artist: Morcheeba

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