Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Cinderella must’ve come along and ate my daughter. Or in this case, Alice.

I’m aware that it’s a blessing to have a healthy child. But I was blessed with so much more. Our daughter, Bailey, exceeded my hopes and expectations. And on this 11th birthday, I reflect on not only what’s left for her to learn in the coming years, but what she’s taught me.

For instance…we don’t have to be perfect and do everything perfectly. She’s taught me that I can be transparent about my shortcomings.

She’s taught me that we are so transparent that whatever we fill ourselves up with inside will be perfectly clear for the world to see.

She’s taught me that your eyes will always be beautiful when they look kindly at someone.

She’s taught me that you will have lovely lips whenever they smile a genuine smile.

She’s taught me that if you cultivate goodness and kindness and wisdom and strength, then not only will that beauty shine out of you, but you’ll find that you breathe joy and beauty into the lives of those around you.

Happy BOO-day, my dear daughter!


Song: You're the World to Me   Artist: David Gray

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  1. What a beautiful sentiment and what a beautiful family. Love the photos and I think it is amazing that you see the lessons that our children teach us now while they are happening. there is so much that we miss and only see in retrospect. You are ahead of the game my friend.


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