Thursday, October 18, 2012

fall decorating

I hate to say it but it’s Fall again. Ok, where did the year go?

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Maybe its childhood memories of Halloween or the fact that there’s a small chill in the air. Or maybe, it’s the sheer thought of all that amazing upcoming Thanksgiving food and my yearly serving of turkey stuffing that makes me smile and anticipate the season. Nothing gets me more into the fall spirit than driving around my neighborhood and seeing all the beautiful and spooky front door Halloween decorations. Cause you know, when those are up its officially Fall.

Here are a few Halloween-inspired decorations of my own…and if I can, you can too!

Song: Falls on Me   Artist: Fuel


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  1. Just had a chance to catch up on your blog. Loved the framed silhouettes of Frankenstein and the witch. Super cute!!!


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