Thursday, September 20, 2012

for me, it's you

Train and Mat Kearney played here in The Woodlands last Friday. And while I wish I had taken my notepad to record some of those heartfelt moments…I didn’t. Even with the unrelenting storms passing through the area that evening, the concert was nothing short of memorable.

Mat Kearney opened the show with great enthusiasm, given the vast vacancy and rain. Matt proved his resilience to a rather lackluster atmosphere – a perfect blend of sincerity and light-heartedness. The same sweet disposition I discovered about 5 years ago, when I saw Mat play in a more intimate setting at The Meridian (Houston, TX).

Train’s arrival set forth a roar from a near full-house who sincerely wanted a show. And a show they got! Patrick Monahan definitely knows how to interact with the fans, endearingly acting out lyrics in the songs and inviting random people to join him on stage. Nevertheless, Train’s performance was musically flawless and often times personally impactful. For having since known Pete, he has sang to me many a Train song, always reiterating how their lyrics seem genuinely written about us. Examples include Marry Me, Hey Soul Sister, If It’s Love, You Can Finally Meet My Mom, and Breakfast in Bed. It’s absolutely crazy how song lyrics can spark such emotions is us, especially two people who have been rather resistant to crying in our past lives.

Song: If It's Love   Artist: Train

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