Sunday, September 16, 2012

preschool; cost vs benefit

Preface: Pete and I are big believers that things 'happen for a reason.’  And most times, when God says no to our prayer’s for the best.


Reef started preschool a little over a month ago. I know, I know, I’m way behind the times lately – most everyone has already published their back-to-school posts. But I’m crazy busy, right? K. Anyway, Reef started preschool...

So, what are we getting for a preschool education that costs more than my first car? More than my first year of college? Let's just say, I'm expecting Reef to rock political science, understand the square root of pi and teach me all about the theory of relativity by the end of this year. I bet Psych 101 is right after circle time and Art History will begin as soon as the children master using spoons.

Thus far, he’s learned to feed himself with cutlery, wash his hands, sit in a chair at the lunch table, sleep on a nap mat, say “hi” and “bye” while waving, point at his nose, and a multitude of other things. Most importantly, Reef loves his little school, his teachers, and his friends. He literally shrieks with delight while entering his classroom and feels confident enough to wave bye to Mommy and Daddy, knowing we’ll always come back to take him home.

In all seriousness, I recently observed Reef proactively clean up his toys, both in the living room and in the bathtub. And I didn’t even have to participate! Interesting…

One month of preschool and the price is already worth it.

Song: It's Amazing   Artist: Jem


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