Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the sunday of summer

the majority of you who read my blog are likely near in age, right?! and back when we were young, our summer was sufficiently 3 months long: you got out of school in may, i think, and started up again after labor day in the first week of september. am i right?!

we’ve screwed with time so much, what with adding a leap day to every fourth february and moving clocks forward and backward each year, that i’m pretty sure we’ve ripped a hole in the space time continuum. for me, summer started with the last school bell of the year and ended with the first bell of the new school year. and it seemed like a long time.

now that i have kids, i’m sure that some of that still holds true. however, it seems that the summer is shortened. yup, like somehow a month was lost. again, i’m convinced that screwing with space and time has caused a lot of time to go POOF. either that or it was the teacher’s union.

those first 4 or so weeks school is out, reminds me of how i feel on saturdays – carefree. you’ve typically stayed up way late on friday so you sleep in a little. and maybe it’s just me, but things just seem slower on saturdays. you hang out with your family… and your friends… and you have bbq’s… and you don’t think about your job. it’s just easy.

on the weekends, a fun saturday night leads to a lazy sunday morning. you load up on coffee to shake the cobwebs from your head, have a big brunch, and then think about the chores you need to get done before the next work week begins. and somewhere in there is a mid-afternoon nap. after you wake up and prepare that big family dinner, something starts creeping into your mind.

you have a glass (or bottle) of wine during dinner…and, there it is again…that weird emotion. then it hits you. that something is the sunday evening blues, that i mentioned once before, and the dread of the looming work week that starts in a mere 10ish hours.

a couple weeks ago we left july behind. holy crap time flies! and, guess what? it’s now time to go back to school. to me that means only one thing…we have reached august…the sunday of summer. summer is ending.

Song: Summertime   Artist: The Sundays

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