Monday, August 6, 2012

reef musings: 12 months

New milestones:
  • Off the bottle and onto a sippy cup, which he likes to slam back 180 degrees.
  • Loves whole milk like a fat kid loves cake. This is sewious infatuation.
  • Sleeps on a kinder mat at his new preschool; prison bars no longer necessary.
  • Endured his first cold and first ear infection like a trooper.
  • We’re walking faster these days, but we haven’t quite made it past 5 steps.
  • HATES shoes! On his feet. But likes them well enough to wear on his hands – go figure.
  • The kid is Mr Clean -- puts toys away in their baskets, closes doors, and eats food that he finds on the floor from previous meals. (Ew, I know!)

Song: Kids   Artist: MGMT

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