Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I double dog dare any of you to raise a toddler without a serious supply of crackers!

We’ve successfully weaned Reef off the bottle & formula – almost a month without one and it was a lot easier than I anticipated.  It’s harder on Pete and I because bottles are associated with babies -- it’s one step farther away from baby-hood and one step closer to toddler-hood. It’s crazy to me how many processes in this journey to raise him feel difficult due to our own emotional hang ups.

Now that the bottles are gone, we are a bit obsessive with making sure there is always a sippy cup in Reef’s reach. This kid LOVES milk! He slams it and sometimes we have to take it away from him so that he will come up for air.

When we travel, we have to pack a large supply of healthy snacks and plan accordingly if we are going to eat out to ensure there are baby friendly options for Reef.  It feels like he is always eating now -- breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. And in between all of that -- crackers, crackers, crackers!

So now that we’re stocking our cabinets with easy to munch items like freeze dried fruit slices and multigrain crackers. Oh, and let's not forget we now have 6 teefers. Hello beef jerky and salt water taffy!

What’s your family’s favorite snack to take along?

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  1. You just named the reason why I let Cole have a bottle still. He's not attached really- Once or twice a week when I've missed him all day I let him have one while we rock and read a story. It's me that's attached. I don't want to leave babyhood behind! But if you can do it...I can too. I'll take the plunge. Tomorrow.

  2. My new favorite word, "tomorrow!" :)

    If you have any recommendations on new foods and/or snacks, I'll take 'em. We have a picky eater on our hands -- he's fond of carbs and/or strawberries. He turns his nose up at meat and cheese.


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