Friday, August 10, 2012

a good man

Today, i want to brag on my husband a bit. I’ll be honest. It is very hard for me to be that woman -- the lovey-dovey, touchy-feely, expressively mushy kinda gal. Directly, anyway. On paper is no problem! I tend to get embarrassed, verbally communicating the depths of my heart. You’ve probably read my posts regarding ‘love languages?’ i’m the show-er…do-er…service provider type. While Pete does, well, both -- expressing AND showing love. Even when i don’t deserve it, he fulfills over half his marrital responsibilities, being the most amazing husband he knows how to be.

So, we’ve been sick. Horribly SICK! Baby and me.

Pete is the one who’s held everything together during this time. Amidst early morning feedings with Reef and rubbing my back at night to help me rest, he’s handling dinners and grocery needs and laundry. He’s taxi-ing the big kids to and from their events. He’s preventing the jungle outside from taking over the yard. He’s helping maintain zen in the home while my patience has been low. And he’s doing it all with a smile.

Oh. OH! And let’s not forget, Pete’s been interviewing. And getting his little booty PROMOTED at work. God has blessed us both with promotions lately – and at no better time than the current.

So rewinding…my hubby is so good at being a family man. I certainly don’t know how we'd fair without him. He showers me with affections – yes, even 3.5 years later. But even when i’m snotty and coughing up a lung every 60 seconds, he still tells me i’m beautiful…in my sans-make up, odor, knackered state. He makes passes, flirts, keeps us “us”. Sings to me. Makes me laugh. Pulls me close, burying his head in my neck, and so passionately tells me, “gah, i just love you so much.” He’s seen me at my best and at my worst, and loves me in spite of it all. And most importantly, he TRIES. Pete puts forth a daily effort towards being a better husband, better father, better man. He says meeting me changed him for the better, but i can’t see how i could’ve had anything to do with him being this fantastic.

Like a lot of young teenage girls, all i knew about love at a young age was romantic fairy tales and rescued princesses. Real life, shockingly, can be a bit hard after that – disappointment after disappointment. When i turned 30 was when i met Peter, and i was finally in the right place in my head to fall in love properly. And here we are, still…blushing and getting weak in the knees when we look at each other sometimes.

I try to teach our daughter, Bailey, to be strong, independent and in control of her life. But i also tell her to expect to kiss a lot of frogs (maybe even marry one ) before she finds her prince. Nay…king.

Thank you, Panky, for loving us. For loving me.

Song: Thank You   Artist: Dido


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