Thursday, July 26, 2012


Little Mister turned one recently and it about blew my dang MIND, y’all! How did that even happen? I feel like I was pregnant about 60 seconds ago, and now here he is… All big and heavy and tearing up our house… And a whole dang year old! I don’t know how that happened, but here is what I do know: 1st birthday parties are stressful as all get out, and I’m super glad they only come once in a lifetime because that mess will seriously eat you alive if you aren’t careful.

Some birthday catalog arrived in the mail, advertising their newest mustache theme paper party package. I didn't much like their design, but I was totally diggin' the mustache idea. How darling would that be?! I went to Party City, expecting to load my cart up with mustache goodies and be done with it. This is apparently not possible. So, I had jumped on Pinterest for inspiration (which is basically a website devoted to food that your big hind-end shouldn’t eat, things you aren’t crafty enough to make, and stuff you can’t afford… Can’t get enough of it! Total time sucker!). Yeah, so some aspect of the party was totally stolen from Pinterest, but I have to give Pete and I credit for hands-on projects of our very own.

I love entertaining, but I’m a major people pleaser, so I was feeling a touch nauseous before the guests started arriving. The decorations looked great, the food turned out just like I wanted, and Little Mister seemed thrilled to be at his favorite pool with all his favorite people. First baby guest to arrive? Little Mister’s precious pal, Linden. 37 guests in total and the party went off without a hitch...I think. Little Mister ate his cupcake like a man who had just been rescued from a deserted island and hadn’t eaten in months. I told you, he is his momma’s boy! We don’t have a sweet tooth, we have sweet TEETH.

I won’t lie, when Pete carried over Reef's little cake with the candle lit up and everyone was singing, it took everything I had not to start doing the ugly cry in front of all those people. I just couldn’t believe an entire year had passed since that amazing day when I brought him into this world. It's been one of the best years of my life...and Pete concurs. I can’t even explain to you all how much joy and peace one tiny little person has brought into my heart, and to see so many people who love him gathered around, celebrating that with me, meant more than I could ever measure. At one point, I caught Pete's eye and I could tell we were both thinking of Reef's first year at a glance -- determined to hang on tighter with these years flying by as quickly as they are. All the stress and worry about this silly little party melted away and I once again realized what was truly important: He is here. He is healthy. He is happy. He is our baby.

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