Wednesday, July 25, 2012

age 1


i’ve started this letter to you a dozen times already.  each time, deleting my words and trying again.  i keep searching for words that don’t exist in this language.  or perhaps any language.  what i need to tell you can only be felt.  experienced.  and so i’m really struggling to get this down.

in a blink.  one year ago.  you were there.  in our arms.  with each passing day, each month since you arrived, we have fallen, or better yet, risen more deeply in love with you.  we are better versions of ourselves.  better parents to you and your siblings.  better partners to each other.  better people to the world.  because of the love you’ve poured over us.

thank you for making me new.

this is our anniversary, reef william.  your first year of life.  twelve months of giving us laughter and love and teachings and proud milestones.  and this is my first full year as this better woman.  i made mistakes but learned what you needed and when you needed it and how to rock you just right and what to say to get you to smile and a thousand other little things along the way.

your father and i have loved every single second that has passed since your birth.  we marvel in the joy that is you daily.

thank you for coming into my life,

Song: Dream  Artist: Priscilla Ahn

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