Wednesday, June 20, 2012

reef musings: 10 months

June 18th marks the day of mine and Pete's 1st "monthiversary", but more importantly it marks the day that Reef first walked...

3 steps and Reef dove into his Daddy. I gasped and then slowly exhaled, chalking it up to nothing more than a fluke. Pete stood Reef a few feet from him, and AGAIN he walked. He walked! Uncontrollably, I squealed and did some silly dance in utter delight.

Other milestones:

  • Since 9 months, Reef gets off couches, chairs and stairs on his tummy, feet first.
  • Has nearly perfected his high fives.
  • Says "mama" and "da-da" and "bye".
  • Catches a foam ball and is close to throwing it back.
  • Makes the utmost perfect car noise while pushing his various wheels around the room. (Pete says the sound is spelled "bbbrrrbbbbrrrrbbbbrrrruuubb") [shrugs shoulders]
  • When he doesn't like something, he shakes his head no. Vice versa, when I tell him "no" (not to touch something), he stops and backs away slowly.
  • Has overcome his fear of water. So much so, he welcomes splashes at the pool and being dunked under the water. In small amounts.
This kid's got some amazing smarts and hand-eye coordination for a 10 month old! Watching Reef achieve milestones fills me with as much excitement and pride as I felt when Keegan and Bailey reached their achievements. I guess I always thought that maybe it wouldn't feel as big and wondrous after the first. Boy was I wrong!

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