Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy father's day to the men in my life

I have the best “baby daddy.” He's pretty amazing, no lie. So incredibly hands-on with Baby Reef and eager to wake for those 6:00AM feedings, supports me in nearly every regard, doesn't complain about my piles of crap everywhere. Oh wait…those are his piles of crap! (Oh well, "what’s yours is mine" he says.) Doesn't complain about all my volunteer interests, my obsession with cleaning, or my awfully annoying habits like eating ice. He persistently helps Keegan and Bailey with their school projects, seeks out fun and adventure for the family to enjoy, and happily demonstrates 1.5 flips off the pool diving board when prompted. All the kids enjoy their time with Daddy Pete, whether they admit it or not. They're used to me. But if Pete gets to do something or offers to play with them, whoa! then that’s way cool. I knew I was playing my cards right when I met my husband. I could see 'father material' all over him though I had no idea he would be THIS good. I don't think he knew how much it would open him up…how much he would 'feel' for his kids and/or the mother of his children, even moreso than before. It's hard to imagine him anymore loving, but I truly think Pete's heart has grown since our early years together, and it is indeed from being a father.
My father-in-law is also a fabulous dad. He's solid, trustworthy, kind, old-fashioned, and likes to take the kids fishing or otherwise cuddle with the baby-babies in the family.  I know he set a wonderful example for my Pete, working hard for his family and staying true to his wife and kids. He's not the gushy, emotional type like his son, but I know his family means a lot to him.
My dad is of course, THE best. Isn't that what a girl should think about her dad -- that the sun rises and sets on him? It's true. He does everything perfectly. He's a gentleman...sweet, strict, loving...all those things. I can see that my children have a special connection to him. They respect him (they respect their other grandparents, too, don't get me wrong!), and they are interested in his opinion. I've noticed it really means something to my kids to try to please him. I think it's endearing that they go out of their way for him. Bailey always seems to come up with things she thinks “Paw-Paw” would like.
I am so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by these great men. To have my children be surrounded by them too.

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