Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the first year is almost the past

I’m having a really hard time with getting my head around the fact that Reef turns a year old next month. I have a lot to say about his milestone of turning one, but have yet to give myself the opportunity to sit down and let the force that comes with releasing the emotional dam overtake me.

I never anticipated that this sweet, hazel-eyed, little boy would knock me back down to my foundation. That I would have to learn everything differently and all over again. That parenting him would force me to re-evaluate and redefine everything I thought I knew about love and patience and being a mother. Everything about him has been unexpected and wondrous.

Less than one month is left until the anniversary of our first meeting. A few fleeting weeks of textbook babyhood remain and I find myself digging my heels into the core of this experience. Trying to slow the train before we head into our next adventure. Reef has proven to be one of God’s most impactful tools for learning in my life. His lessons unavoidable and shockingly beautiful.


  1. Well said Mandi- I think that those of us with those big spaces in between kids have this even more so than those with kiddos back to back. Starting over, remembering the wonder, enjoying the ride and fighting because it's just going by so fast. Good luck on your journey!!

  2. You're a jewel -- thanks for these kind words!


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