Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 job opportunities. finally solved!

I took a deep breath yesterday. Like a real one. A fill up every square inch of your lungs deep breath and then let it out slowly and deliberately. I let all of the leftover worry shake off with it. I’ve been carrying so many concerns on my shoulders lately and knowing that we can put a big fat black mark through this is major. Onward we go.

Song: Hey ya!  Artist: Outkast


  1. Rarely comment, but thx for posting this. I hope to be able to take a breath like that soon...not wanting to go to sleep because I dread waking up just to carry the weight of these concerns again is a real bummer - RF

    1. Every encounter seems harder than the last, doesn't it?! But with every step, we begin to see who we are and the abilities we possess to overcome those obstacles. Stay strong, my friend, and know that no matter what the outcome, it is meant to be.


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