Sunday, May 6, 2012

mother's day gift ideas

No one knows what you want more than you do, right? Your partner might be scrambling right now to order flowers or buy a card during his lunch hour. Or, he might not be.

Whether he's a prepared planner or oblivious, he would probably be pretty relieved to get a clear message from you about your expectations on Mother's Day. What are they?

Here are ten treats my friends agree would make them feel pampered on Mother’s Day. Feel free to copy and paste them for your partner.

1. It's hard to sleep in when the little people in the next room are giggling. Take them on a walk, Dad! Yes, at 7 am.

2. Bring in the bagels, pack us a picnic, or order a pizza. It doesn't have to be fancy, just make it happen.

3. If the kids are too young to do it themselves, help them give Mommy extra kisses, draw a picture, or pick flowers from the garden for a special I Love Mommy bouquet.

4. Be the bad cop all day long. I'll hug away any tears, but Daddy can enforce consequences with the perpetrator.

5. If there is a potty accident or overturned oatmeal, leave me out of it. Thank you.

6. We can go to a museum, take a hike, or visit with friends. You suggest it and I'll approve.

7. Snap a picture of me and the kids. Or even better, make sure we get one of all of us. I fear in 20 years I'll realize I wasn't in any of the pictures that were taken around the house or on our vacations because I was always behind the camera.

8. Book me a massage or facial. If budget doesn't allow it, keep the kids busy while I take the world's longest bath.

9. Clean anything. No, we're not implying he doesn't usually clean; it would just be an extra super surprise to open the junk drawer and find it organized. Pick a tiny corner of our house and spiff it up. I'd really like that.

10.Smile as you do it all. It's no fun if we feel guilty about our day of indulgence.

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