Friday, June 1, 2012

{life in pictures} memorial day

Below is my Memorial Day Weekend mostly told through photos. Which is to say pictures have a little resemblance to how things look in my actual life.  It was a remarkable weekend, filled with friends and family and new adventures and amazing milestones had by baby.

For the record, I contributed to the side dishes at Heather’s crawfish boil on Saturday, but it wasn’t enough to make up for what I ate in crawfish. It may as well have been a plate of crudite next to the two delicious excuses to gain 20 pounds in one afternoon.  Baby buddies, Reef and Linden, finally got a playdate where they weren't restricted to a stroller. We left full, exhausted and with summer home envy (Heather’s backyard is awesome).

Claire’s birthday celebration on Sunday was cancelled unexpectedly, so we ventured up to the family lake house a wee bit earlier than anticipated.  Reef loved getting up close and personal with the dragon fly that landed on his arm and visited with us for a good five minutes or so, while I discovered that my lil’ magic man is undoubtedly all boy.

GiGi (aka Brenda, my M-I-L) prepared for us a monsoon of yummy snacks, including a chocolate dish we call “1-2-3.”  I finished my plate. And might have finished Keegan’s too. Shhhhh.

Reef could not get enough of the water.  He loves to stand at the edge of the pool slide and scream some crazy version of "Aah! Yaaaaaaaaaa!"  Papa Roach and Daddy Pete frequently took turns pushing Reef down the slide, and it was difficult to determine who of the three males were having more fun. What always amazes me, however, Reef is never skeptical that his Daddy will be there to catch him. 

Keegan and I got our fair share of fun on Monday, wakeboarding -- I have the aches and pains to prove it.  Pilates class is cancelled this week; no doubt my body will evict me otherwise.

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