Friday, April 13, 2012


Before Reef was mobile, I had a good long laugh with Pete over this…and I quote…”reeee diculous!” play helmet we saw in the One Step Ahead catalog. “Seriously, what kind of crazy overprotective parent puts their kid in a helmet during play time?”

ha! ha! ha! we laughed, pointing at the photo and shaking our heads.

And then Little Mister started crawling, and now he’s standing and even cruises up the stairs – like he owns the place. He’s letting go and standing and FALLING DOWN EVERYWHERE. Even with our newly improved super-speedy parent arms to try and catch him, sometimes we’re just not fast enough. 

My nerves are shot.

I need some Inspector gadget go-go gadget arms immediately.

and in my head, I keep picturing this ridiculous helmet. I keep saying ” YOU CAN NOT PUT YOUR CHILD IN THAT STUPID HELMET” and then our peanut runs into the wall because he’s crawling while watching a cat, and gets a bump and it’s all I can do not to race to the computer and put in my order.

I know this is something that all children go through. That falling down and bumps and bruises are a normal part of the process of learning balance and walking… but how do I do it and still save my sanity? I’m hard wired to protect him from pain and injury and while we’re doing the best we can to prevent it, unless we pad our entire house, the bumps and falls are still happening.

I need advice. and I need someone to talk me down from the “click here to purchase” padded helmet ledge that I am now teetering on.

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