Monday, April 2, 2012


But before I go on and write ad nauseum about my birthday weekend, I want to thank everyone for the online and offline birthday greetings.  Most of them were quite touching, and there were some definite heart-felt moments in the expressions of my most cherished people.  It’s a joy having you in my life!

Moving on, it was a full birthday weekend! I have no shame in drawing out my inevitable creep towards 34 into 72 awesome hours. You heard me. We celebrated from Friday to Monday. Wait…That’s more than 72 hours. Whatever. You do the math. And I’d like to share some camera phone images of the weekend with you. You’re welcome.

Pete attempted to have me “relax” all last week in an effort to begin a celebration he called my birthweek.  Realistically, though, going into the office breaks up any momentum we have gained in celebrating, so we’ll just say the fun began on Friday when my boys met me at Mi Cocina for lunch.  Little Mister was all grins, which always brighten my day.  In addition, Pete surprised me with a suit and bowtie for our son to wear at our wedding, and an inconclusive statement that the weekend would ensue a few more surprises.

Friday night dinner at Uni Sushi went smoothly, given that there is typically a waiting list. Pete used his reservation phone app wisely this time! Little Mister joined us, and was quite the gentleman , exhibiting table manners and all!  The meal concluded with a fried cheesecake -- a veritable heap of fat and cholesterol with little redeeming nutritional value. Yes, this is coming from the same person who lived a nearly vegan existence in Texas at one time…long, long ago. 

Saturday was unbelievable! The weather - oh em gee - was gorgeous, so a bike ride to breakfast was an absolute MUST.  This was honestly the best birthday weekend ever. Not because it was super exciting, but because I've never been at a happier or more peaceful place in my life. No one's life is perfect, including mine. We all have our ups and downs and trust me, I've had mine. But oh girls, hanging out with my Panky as we laughed and cut-up -- that trumps any wild night in a club or huge birthday bash, (I've had those, too.)

The day was a bit of whirlwind of things to do, but date night at Spencers Steakhouse was…well, a night to remember to say the least. The food…ah…dee-lish. But more importantly, Pete RE-proposed to me with my new engagement ring. (For those of you who don’t know, my first engagement ring was stolen.) Oh, how it sparkles. And I swear it said “momma” when I opened the box. I was bummed leaving the house without doing my nails, so when a ring was being placed on my hand, you can bet I was really kicking myself.

Yesterday morning, I got my funemployed butt out of bed to a morning brunch with a few of my besties. There must have been a secret ingredient – LIKE CRACK – that they added to the drink mix because it was so delicious and smooth.

All in all, it’s been a great celebration, and somewhere between the forward folds and the breath of fire, I started feeling the effects of the weekend excesses. Hee hee!  I love spending time with my family and friends, regardless of birthdays.  And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Anyone have today off?  I sadly do not.  Though the idea of sleep was at the forefront of my priorities, I made a herculean effort to be here today.  J

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  1. I soooo wish I could have made it to your birthday brunch. : ( We need a "make-up" day! I'm so excited that you got your new's beautiful!!! I'm so happy you are in such a happy place. You truly deserve it!!


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