Friday, March 30, 2012


I distinctly remember the days of running over and pouncing on my dad to initiate a game of play wrestling when I was a kid. Somehow, and I’ve yet to attempt this with my own child(ren), but we held hands while I walked up the front of Daddy's body and threw myself into a back flip.

There is a warm and familiar juxtaposition in layering those memories on top of the ones we are making as a family. What fun to to be on hands and knees, hair across my face, with a chorus of children’s laughter accompanying our play. Its déjà vu to squeal and growl in wrestling play with Reef, and how wonderful it is to do it again.

What a gift that Pete and I get to build the foundations of our children as people -- that we get to put shiney, gold penny moments in their memory banks. That we have the power to create the kind of moments they will, with great fondness, recall one day as adults.

One of my favorite things about parenting is that, in so many ways, we get our childhood back. We are handed the opportunity to relive and experience it all over again with a heightened awareness for what makes it precious. I’m absolutely certain that these moments with my children are the closest thing I’ll ever have to a fountain of youth.

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