Thursday, March 29, 2012


I know this list could go on and on and on…. but I don’t have enough power in my crowded brain to remember to write them down as I go. So, I will tell you what I can pull from this worm hole, warp zoned mind… what I have learned in the 8 months since we have had our little guy. I have picked up, realized, or stumbled upon these musings from my baby boy, our older children, our pets, my Panky, and momma friends. The learning curve is quick, and its amazing what I have actually learned during these short months.
  • There is no perfect way to parent. Each kid is unique.
  • If he can find it, it will go in his mouth. (Hide EVERYTHING!!!)
  • If you hide EVERYTHING, he thinks it’s a game and will go find it. He’s smart like that. Very scary.
  • The cats serve as just another distraction at meal times. If you are really smart, you will have the animals come sit with you, just out of arms reach, and then you at least have Baby Boy facing the right direction to feed him.
  • I have never spoken to so many random people who I don’t know, about parenting techniques. Much advice is unsolicited and never considered. But once in a while, I get some good ideas.
  • I have never counted on other momma friends like I do now. They are who I can call and just vent to try to get ideas of what to do next. Such as overflowing pee-pee dipeys. Momma friends rock!!!
  • The cats. Again. They are learning to run and hide when Peanut enters the room. Or at least go to their safe places.
  • Yes, my baby loves books. Yes, he’s learned to turn the pages from right to left, looking at the pages in the correct order. No, my kid can’t read (duh, a little early folks). Though books seem to also taste good to him, it’s awesome that we are already developing a kid who loves books.
  • The mornings are my favorite time of day. He wakes up with a gigantic grin on his face. So excited to start the day!!
  • My kid is speaking in tongues. No really. He isn’t possessed, but just licks and slobbers and googles and giggles and makes these funny noises with his tongue. Hilarious! Who knew life could be this silly? Laughing has become highlights of the day.
  • I already see Little Mister letting go more often and trying things on his own without my help.
  • The most important: There are no perfect parents, only perfect intentions.
I am sure this list could go on and on…. however, I lack the brain power to produce much more. I imagine when Reef’s a year old, I will produce a more thorough list. Until then, have an awesome Thursday and don’t forget to giggle! And watch the Big Bang Theory. Totally cracks me up. Bazinga!!!

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