Monday, March 26, 2012

the pressure of a wedding dress

I don’t know what it’s like to have down time anymore.  Not as of late anyway.  And I’m slacking on the blog, I know.  But tis the Spring season, and events are a plenty.  Including my own upcoming event…indeed, THE wedding.

Two of my besties inquired about dress shopping a few weeks back.  “Ugh, the pressure of a dress,” I thought.  I haven’t worked out but just a hand full of times since wee man came along.  And if you’re not feeling great about your body, wedding dress (and/or bathing suit) shopping can really give you anxiety.  I fought the urge to go on a 4-day hunger strike.  But I really know better.  I’d fail.

Of course I agreed to the outing.  But more of an excuse to get in some girl time.  And some mimosas.  :D

Sometimes the pressure to be perfect is too much to take.  But there is a way to go about it.  You must walk into the boutique for your first fitting feeling calm, confident and beautiful, even if you’re not the size you want to be on your wedding day.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that beauty is a mindset.  If you feel beautiful on the inside then you will naturally radiate beauty, and this has nothing to do with weight.  I repeat, NOTHING.

Here’s the pre-shopping plan:
  1. A week before your first appointment, start checking your ‘tude at the door. No more self bashing about eating that ice cream cone.  Be nice to self!
  2. Every day, stand in front of the mirror naked and tell yourself you look beautiful (even if you don’t believe it).
  3. Wear something every day that makes you feel beautiful.  For me, it’s a dress instead of slacks, heels instead of flats, and maybe a little eyeliner.
  4. The day of your appointment, do your hair and makeup similar to how you want it at your wedding.  I didn’t do this, but wish I had for pictures’ sake.
  5. To psych yourself further, dance around your bedroom in your panties and heels.  You may feel self conscious, but no one’s looking.  Get a little crazy  ,)
So now that we have it covered that you are going to be a joyful, radiant, beautiful bride on your wedding day, we can get back to finding that perfect dress.  Close your eyes and picture yourself walking down the aisle.  I know, I know!  But just do it!  It’ll help, I promise!  What do you see?  A sleek, modern bride?  A sexy, sophisticated version of you?  This exercise is important for 3 reasons.  The first, is if you don’t know where your ceremony is going to be or when the wedding is going to take place, it will make it much harder to envision your day.  Try to have those deets locked down before you go dress shopping -- it will make it much easier to plan everything else.  The second reason is that it will help you distinguish the difference from a pretty dress, and a dress you want to get married in.  That distinction will really come in handy when you are shopping.  The third reason is my favorite.  When you are envisioning your wedding, I can bet there is ONE THING that is for certain. You are happy.  No… happy doesn’t cover it.  Ecstatic!  You are about to get MARRIED, hello?!?!  So, keep that in mind.  No matter what dress you end up in, you can rest assured it’s going to be an absolutely incredible day. 

See?  Doesn’t that take the pressure off?

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  1. Look at those hot mama's! What a great day that was!


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