Monday, March 12, 2012


Like many of you, I’m fairly new to Twitter.  Only a year in, or so.  And I’m still learning new things.  Like how to use hashtags more accurately.  Hashtags are used to drive additional metadata to your tweets.  It’s a means to create groupings of a similar theme.  Ahem, I mean tweme.  I thought I’d put together a guide for some of the most frequently used hashtags.

#ff = aka #followfriday; in a tweet along with 1 or more @names means you recommend those people as worth following.

#TTYLXOX = TTYL - Talk To You Later XOX - Hugs And Kisses

#yolo = you only live once (but I’ve also heard “you obviously lack originality”)

#oomf = one of my followers

#subtweet = It's the shortening of "subliminal tweet" which is directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their name or directly mentioning them and it basically indicates that the tweet in which the hashtag is used is a subliminal tweet.  Someone being a punk, basically.

*The following list was obtained from a third party site,, which offers an overview of popular hashtags used on Twitter.

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