Friday, March 30, 2012


I distinctly remember the days of running over and pouncing on my dad to initiate a game of play wrestling when I was a kid. Somehow, and I’ve yet to attempt this with my own child(ren), but we held hands while I walked up the front of Daddy's body and threw myself into a back flip.

There is a warm and familiar juxtaposition in layering those memories on top of the ones we are making as a family. What fun to to be on hands and knees, hair across my face, with a chorus of children’s laughter accompanying our play. Its déjà vu to squeal and growl in wrestling play with Reef, and how wonderful it is to do it again.

What a gift that Pete and I get to build the foundations of our children as people -- that we get to put shiney, gold penny moments in their memory banks. That we have the power to create the kind of moments they will, with great fondness, recall one day as adults.

One of my favorite things about parenting is that, in so many ways, we get our childhood back. We are handed the opportunity to relive and experience it all over again with a heightened awareness for what makes it precious. I’m absolutely certain that these moments with my children are the closest thing I’ll ever have to a fountain of youth.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I know this list could go on and on and on…. but I don’t have enough power in my crowded brain to remember to write them down as I go. So, I will tell you what I can pull from this worm hole, warp zoned mind… what I have learned in the 8 months since we have had our little guy. I have picked up, realized, or stumbled upon these musings from my baby boy, our older children, our pets, my Panky, and momma friends. The learning curve is quick, and its amazing what I have actually learned during these short months.
  • There is no perfect way to parent. Each kid is unique.
  • If he can find it, it will go in his mouth. (Hide EVERYTHING!!!)
  • If you hide EVERYTHING, he thinks it’s a game and will go find it. He’s smart like that. Very scary.
  • The cats serve as just another distraction at meal times. If you are really smart, you will have the animals come sit with you, just out of arms reach, and then you at least have Baby Boy facing the right direction to feed him.
  • I have never spoken to so many random people who I don’t know, about parenting techniques. Much advice is unsolicited and never considered. But once in a while, I get some good ideas.
  • I have never counted on other momma friends like I do now. They are who I can call and just vent to try to get ideas of what to do next. Such as overflowing pee-pee dipeys. Momma friends rock!!!
  • The cats. Again. They are learning to run and hide when Peanut enters the room. Or at least go to their safe places.
  • Yes, my baby loves books. Yes, he’s learned to turn the pages from right to left, looking at the pages in the correct order. No, my kid can’t read (duh, a little early folks). Though books seem to also taste good to him, it’s awesome that we are already developing a kid who loves books.
  • The mornings are my favorite time of day. He wakes up with a gigantic grin on his face. So excited to start the day!!
  • My kid is speaking in tongues. No really. He isn’t possessed, but just licks and slobbers and googles and giggles and makes these funny noises with his tongue. Hilarious! Who knew life could be this silly? Laughing has become highlights of the day.
  • I already see Little Mister letting go more often and trying things on his own without my help.
  • The most important: There are no perfect parents, only perfect intentions.
I am sure this list could go on and on…. however, I lack the brain power to produce much more. I imagine when Reef’s a year old, I will produce a more thorough list. Until then, have an awesome Thursday and don’t forget to giggle! And watch the Big Bang Theory. Totally cracks me up. Bazinga!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

the pressure of a wedding dress

I don’t know what it’s like to have down time anymore.  Not as of late anyway.  And I’m slacking on the blog, I know.  But tis the Spring season, and events are a plenty.  Including my own upcoming event…indeed, THE wedding.

Two of my besties inquired about dress shopping a few weeks back.  “Ugh, the pressure of a dress,” I thought.  I haven’t worked out but just a hand full of times since wee man came along.  And if you’re not feeling great about your body, wedding dress (and/or bathing suit) shopping can really give you anxiety.  I fought the urge to go on a 4-day hunger strike.  But I really know better.  I’d fail.

Of course I agreed to the outing.  But more of an excuse to get in some girl time.  And some mimosas.  :D

Sometimes the pressure to be perfect is too much to take.  But there is a way to go about it.  You must walk into the boutique for your first fitting feeling calm, confident and beautiful, even if you’re not the size you want to be on your wedding day.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that beauty is a mindset.  If you feel beautiful on the inside then you will naturally radiate beauty, and this has nothing to do with weight.  I repeat, NOTHING.

Here’s the pre-shopping plan:
  1. A week before your first appointment, start checking your ‘tude at the door. No more self bashing about eating that ice cream cone.  Be nice to self!
  2. Every day, stand in front of the mirror naked and tell yourself you look beautiful (even if you don’t believe it).
  3. Wear something every day that makes you feel beautiful.  For me, it’s a dress instead of slacks, heels instead of flats, and maybe a little eyeliner.
  4. The day of your appointment, do your hair and makeup similar to how you want it at your wedding.  I didn’t do this, but wish I had for pictures’ sake.
  5. To psych yourself further, dance around your bedroom in your panties and heels.  You may feel self conscious, but no one’s looking.  Get a little crazy  ,)
So now that we have it covered that you are going to be a joyful, radiant, beautiful bride on your wedding day, we can get back to finding that perfect dress.  Close your eyes and picture yourself walking down the aisle.  I know, I know!  But just do it!  It’ll help, I promise!  What do you see?  A sleek, modern bride?  A sexy, sophisticated version of you?  This exercise is important for 3 reasons.  The first, is if you don’t know where your ceremony is going to be or when the wedding is going to take place, it will make it much harder to envision your day.  Try to have those deets locked down before you go dress shopping -- it will make it much easier to plan everything else.  The second reason is that it will help you distinguish the difference from a pretty dress, and a dress you want to get married in.  That distinction will really come in handy when you are shopping.  The third reason is my favorite.  When you are envisioning your wedding, I can bet there is ONE THING that is for certain. You are happy.  No… happy doesn’t cover it.  Ecstatic!  You are about to get MARRIED, hello?!?!  So, keep that in mind.  No matter what dress you end up in, you can rest assured it’s going to be an absolutely incredible day. 

See?  Doesn’t that take the pressure off?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

wordless wednesday

Monday, March 12, 2012


Like many of you, I’m fairly new to Twitter.  Only a year in, or so.  And I’m still learning new things.  Like how to use hashtags more accurately.  Hashtags are used to drive additional metadata to your tweets.  It’s a means to create groupings of a similar theme.  Ahem, I mean tweme.  I thought I’d put together a guide for some of the most frequently used hashtags.

#ff = aka #followfriday; in a tweet along with 1 or more @names means you recommend those people as worth following.

#TTYLXOX = TTYL - Talk To You Later XOX - Hugs And Kisses

#yolo = you only live once (but I’ve also heard “you obviously lack originality”)

#oomf = one of my followers

#subtweet = It's the shortening of "subliminal tweet" which is directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their name or directly mentioning them and it basically indicates that the tweet in which the hashtag is used is a subliminal tweet.  Someone being a punk, basically.

*The following list was obtained from a third party site,, which offers an overview of popular hashtags used on Twitter.

Friday, March 9, 2012

fieldwork in stillettos

When my son started intermediate school, I foolishly thought my days of chaperoning field trips were done.


Keegan brought me a permission slip a few weeks ago and asked, in desperation almost, if I would chaperone a field trip. I kept my cool, accepted the offer, and signed the dotted line…then, ran to my room and squealed like a teenager while doing the happy dance. What a cheesewad, I am. ‘Who am I kidding?’ I asked myself. Often times, it exhausts me being around children that aren’t mine, which is so ironic since I’ve been involved with PTA and other school events since Fric and Frac started school so many years ago. But my son…MY SON…wanted me to be around…him…his friends…and teachers. I got my “cool mom” badge back it seemed.

So, yesterday morning was an extra early day, meeting at the school for a 7:15 AM departure. The kids loaded up in charter buses. (Yes, that means air-conditioning.) I hitched a ride in a van full of fellow mommies who I was meeting for the very first time. And we all caravanned an hour “into town” to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The science museum is one of those giant places that has the potential to lose a kid or two. So several hours with 12 year old boys and girls running around exhibits, not to mention other schools who are on their field trips, was a recipe for exhaustion and a possible Amber Alert or two. My level of respect for teachers and staff in the schools always increases ten-fold after one of these instances of volunteering. How everyday they wrangle 150 kids is beyond me. Beyond me I say.

But you know what? It wasn’t so bad.

My group of boys were well behaved, yes it included Keegan, and three others. All pretty chill, well behaved, stayed together - I didn’t have to put out a search party, they did what I asked. Pretty awesome. This doesn’t mean there weren’t other kids that needed to be rescued after straying from their group. (Dougie…cough<<ritalin>>cough) (And yes, children’s names have been changed to protect their security. Or keep me from being sued. Whichever.)

The school has plenty of eager-beaver moms who are more than willing to volunteer for these trips so I'm fairly certain that my inaugural chaperone experience may easily go overlooked in the future. I sure met a lot of great parents, some truly cool kiddos, and got an opportunity to lunch with my son’s teachers and get to know them on a less professional basis.

Either way, empathy is, commonly, more important than warmth, so I totally did the right thing. Even though I had to squeeze my feet back into stilettos today and park my butt in an office chair…to get some rest.

Furthermore, my son declared it "a great day!"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

too good to pass up: kony 2012

My sweet friend, Julia, asked me to post this on my blog today. But just so you know, I'm not necessarily doing it for her. Rather, this story needs to be told and I pledge to make a difference. Even if all I have is this vessel, my blog.

This is impactful people. Especially for us parents. It will touch you in the most personal way. So, please watch! All the way through.

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

products i love: puj tub

You’ve probably heard me talk about our Puj Tub on a few million occasions.  Why?  Because I’m madly in love with it.  And sad that we’ve had to retire it.  Reef is now a tubby baby, and the Puj Tub caved in the last time we used it.  Oops!  We used it for the first 5 months of Reef’s babyhood; just as long as anything else we invest in for our babies.  And both Daddy and I feel it was worth every penny.

It’s the simplest, most useful tub I’ve ever seen/used.  Pete found it online and surprised me with it.  I was a tad hesitant when I read “patent pending” written on the tub itself.  Nonetheless, it’s a soft and flexible tub that fits in most any standard size bathroom sink.  Seriously a one-handed setup, and it was ideal for me when I was recovering from a C-section.

It’s a soft, warm foam that’s also slip-resistant.  Better yet, it’s PVC- and BPA-free.  The clever design allows it to be stored flat or hung on the wall.  Speaking of, it doesn’t absorb water, so there are no issues with potential mold growth.  For germ-phobes like Panky and I, that’s a BIG deal!

Monday, March 5, 2012

sweets people

I really envy those “I’m not a sweets person” people. They pass on wedding cake, don’t ever care to peruse the dessert menu and certainly never ask people to borrow 75 cents so they can buy a snickers from the vending machine. I want to be one of them. I want to understand what it’s like to not crave chocolate.

And then there’s days like today that remind me why I’m okay not understanding.

Friday, March 2, 2012

love languages

Back when I was pregnant with Keeg and Bails, I would occasionally listen to the Dr. Laura Show on talk radio. Don’t get me wrong, girlfriend is nutzo, but it was mildly entertaining to listen to while at the office. My eyes occasionally throbbed from all the rolling.

I remember Dr. Laura once talking about “Love Languages” -- the different ways couples give and receive love. Cheee-zee, I thought, but I must have filed away the information in my head because, lately, I’ve been thinking about the notion a lot.

You might have picked up on it...based on some of the posts I write, but Peter and I are a really well-matched couple. If soul mates exist, and Pete swears they do, then he is mine no doubt. He’s the ying to my yang. The butter to my bread. The every cheesy metaphor out there. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we are the male and female version of the same person.

It seems as though we may speak a different love language. Only at times, however. I’m not talking about the language known as “ignore your wife and hear whatever it is you want to.” Nothing like that. In fact, when I’m quiet, he misses my yammering. Rather, I’m talking the way he shows his love for me and vice versa.

Peter likes to express his love primarily with kisses and cuddles and poems and I love yous. But he also expresses it by buying things, which conflicts with my hatred of having money spent on me. Before we shared financial responsibilities, being lavished in gifts was a mild annoyance, but now it just seems ridiculous. I have nearly everything I need. And if I want something, I buy it. Flowers die. The cards…well…the cards can keep on coming. They always consist of hilarious (and sometimes seductive) poetry, and on really special occasions, a way fun scavenger hunt! :) Otherwise, purchases are all lost on just me; when I’d rather they benefit both of us.

As for me, my language is showing love. Sometimes that includes food, back massages, sparing him from an errand, or some other little favor. Food makes me happy – planning it, cooking it, eating it. Although he enjoys my cooking and/or baking, Pete would be just as happy with some pasta and jarred sauce or cheap Chinese food take-out. He’d rather have me smother him with snuggles, gush with I love you’s…and by-golly, marry him. (I’m working on that…brick by brick.)

So why do I do insist on making him food when that's not what he wants? And why does he still buy me things even though I don't need them? Will we ever speak the same language?

I suppose the only solution is to eat out and have him foot the bill.

It’s all about compromise, right? ,)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

too good to pass up: moment junkie

every so often, i come across someone's writing, photography, or craft that is so greatly impactful that i can't wait to tell a friend(s). what better way than to share it here? with all of you?

here's the first of many --
moment junkie: incredibly artful way of capturing memories at various types of weddings, both conventional and unconventional. [sigh] love! i found this via karen walrond, blogger at chookoolooks.
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