Tuesday, February 28, 2012

we have teeth

Ladies and gentlemen, we have teeth.

I refer to this affectionately as the “bunny teeth” stage. Two little chompers that flash every time Reef smiles like a baby rabbit. I knew his first teeth were on their way but it seems they just sprouted up overnight.

Reef came out of the womb ready to eat beef jerky and salt water taffy, but I told him he needed teeth first. Over-achiever this kid! He decided to sprout teeth just shy of his 7 month birthday.

With a dentally advanced child (you didn’t even realize there was such a category in baby development, did you?) I’m left to wonder if he will get Pete’s teeth alignment which required very little orthodontic attention, or if he will be cursed with his mama’s crazy mouth of horror that still requires braces, retainers, and probably oral surgery. I’ve been blessed with healthy teeth seeing I’ve had only 1 cavity in my 33 years. Still, they look like someone glued them in in a hurry.

As I finish this post, I’ve just come to the frightening realization that instead of saving for Reef’s college education, we might need to start putting money away for his mouth first!

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