Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine candies

I get it.  I do.  Valentine's Day is an unrealistic notion that the evidence of love and devotion that can only be found in some grandiose display of confections and poetry.

Okay, okay, so wasn't very nice of me.  Well, blame the man who ruined VD (no pun intended) for me years ago.  That stupidly sappy sweet nostalgic day.  [arms crossed]  Hmmmpff!

The optimist in me truly does believe that most spouses show their love and appreciation throughout the year, in the everyday things they do or say.  And those that don't probably don't find the key to marital bliss on a commercialized day like V-Day anyway.

Speaking of, those conversation hearts are something of a commodity this time every year.  You know, the ones that state sweet nothings like be mine, I’m yours, kiss me…ahem -- I mean…blah blah blah (for those of you past the 7 year itch).  I mean, nothing says I love you like a box of rock hard, chalky, tasteless candies full of cancer-causing pink dye number 45.  So, let's be realistic folks -- what should those candy hearts really say?  We wanna know.

Here are a couple to get you started…

  • I shaved my legs for you
  • Brushing my teeth IS foreplay
  • You have stank breath

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