Thursday, February 2, 2012

please and thank you

like all moms i encounter, i make a herculean effort to ensure my children have good manners.  

i am forever saying things like, “how do you ask that politely?” or asking, “did you remember to say ‘thank you’?”

and i have to say, i am gratified when my kids remember their good manners without my prompting.  i positively glow when i am told by another adult that i have polite children!  my efforts are not in vain!

i myself try to be polite and kind to all people, but i have to confess:  i don’t always succeed. there are times when i want results and i want them now. i can easily resort to being abrupt and the words, “please,” and “thank you,” might not cross my lips.  i realize the hypocrisy of this as i am trying to teach my kids to always use good manners.  i’ve begun gritting my teeth and remaining courteous at all times, and it is truly hard!!

i believe in leading by example, though, so i shall press on towards being polite at all times.  even when i don’t want to.  even when i don’t think i should have to be.

i suppose this is just another example of how being a mother challenges me.  nobody ever said it would be easy.

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