Sunday, February 5, 2012

pick your poison

Before packing for our trip, we opted to do a trial dress-up in our snowboard gear to ensure we had everything necessary for the adventure this next week. Much to my surprise and dismay, Frac walked out of the room with floral ski pants and camouflage jacket, and of course, her hair hanging over one eye. At first I was speechless -- one part of me wanted to march her back into her bedroom and change her outfit to something that didn’t look like it belonged in an alien fashion show…but, then I stopped, took a long breath and calmly suggested that her new green ski pants might be a better color to go with the rest of the outfit.

I’ve got to pick my battles. Sure, I could have freaked out and told my daughter to change her outfit immediately like I do many other days, but it would have only resulted in tears. I’m potentially creating feelings of insecurity, but should I simply allow the odd stares from her peers?  Of course, however, many of their parents probably chuckle, understanding exactly what I’m going through.

As a parent it’s so easy to nag at our children. In fact it could be never ending if we let it -- “clean up your room”, “brush your teeth”, “turn off the TV”, yada-yada-yada.  Children need autonomy to learn on their own and gain confidence in their decisions, so what battles do we fight for?

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