Tuesday, January 31, 2012

stupid baby experts

Some social scientist came out with a study saying that moms have 30-40 hours of free time.  IMO, that is a loose definition of the term “free.”
Our nanny will concur -- when my baby is napping, he could sleep an hour, he could sleep two hours, he could start wailing ten minutes after I put him down. I have to be prepared for all of these eventualities -- this so-called “free” time is not free of worry.  You know what I mean if you’re a parent, because even though you may get a few spare minutes here or there, the kid doesn’t fax you a schedule ahead of time and he doesn’t give you a heads-up when his needs are going to change. 
The notification that you are on duty isn’t at all subtle or polite.  Who the heck made these baby experts experts -- they don't know jack!

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