Sunday, January 15, 2012


i’ve been in what i call a “mom funk.”  the days seem like they are flying by me, and i’m not getting the quality out of life that i should be.  i suspect it’s coming down from the high of Christmas celebrations.  and i sorta remember having these emotions in the past. 

so, i came up with a few ways i’ve broken out of this in the past. “me time” doesn’t always mean exercise, fresh air, quiet, solitude.  although, those things do help in the short term, “me time” leads to just craving more and more “me time” to find peace, and “escape” is not a great long-term solution to creating contentment. breaks are nice, but they naturally come to an end, and sometimes the thing your kids need most when they’re making you crazy is to know they can make you crazy and you’re still crazy about them.
  • sit on the sofa, let kids pile around and just have an epic snuggle
  • play a board game (and feel free to let them “win.”)
  • read a book to them.
  • take that walk, but let it be one of those dawdling, long strolls you tend to have when there's a child wanting to look for a huge stick along the wooded path or another child stopping to look at a train of ants carrying twice their size
  • bake.  bake with your kids. something about mixing up flour and sugar and chocolate chips with my kids is so relaxing, and reminds me of the more important things in life.  like cookie dough.

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