Wednesday, January 25, 2012

half a year


How did this happen?  You becoming half a year?  Your daddy and I have been entranced this week.  Wondering where the time went.  And how we went from being pregnant to now.  It seems like you’re already losing your round baby belly, little boy, and now you are growing into a tangle of arms and legs. Nearly 90% for height, oh my!  Yet you’re somehow still made of soft edges and dimples, round cheeks and curled lips.

I am forever swinging between thinking ahead to the exciting days of the little-bit-older you, and wishing with everything in my heart I could keep you forever as you are now.  You talk and talk in your tiny high-pitched voice and I know someday I will have a hard time remembering just what you sounded like when you were this small.

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  1. LOVE the last picture!!!! Such a sweet little man!


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