Thursday, January 12, 2012


A colleague recently asked me how we are able to be friends, given my religious perspectives and her gay lifestyle. I was certainly surprised. This question prompted me to bolt out a sarcastic “duh” but I opted to bite my tongue.

Yes, you see, I believe we should have open hearts to accepting and valuing all people.

I teach my children that love is love and I have also spoke openly about the fact that we are believers in Christ. We have an open intimate relationship with Him. There are, however, many conflicts within my religion about the acceptance of the LGBT community and specifically gay marriage.

Personally, I feel there are people who twist the Bible scriptures. They use God’s word to point fingers. They use it create a you and an us. These manipulations of the Christian faith are not the standard perceptions of all Christians.

So in the same way that some Christians say that the Bible says homosexuality is wrong (but turn a blind eye to the fact that it also says divorce, greed, jealousy and eating shellfish is a sin) -- we have chosen to take the core messages of God’s word -- to love thy neighbor, to practice patience, to give of yourself, to spread goodness, to share the beauty in His word and the sacrifices that He made for mankind -- and use these things as the basis for what we will teach our children. God is good. God loves us. We are all His children. He is always with us.

I’m not writing this post to point fingers at anyone (there’s been enough of that already). I don’t write these words to invite criticism or to create a heated debate on interpretations of the Christian religion (although I suspect it might anyway). I write this to try to explain how the LGBT community can live in harmony with my religious beliefs.

It comes down to this: We are all sinners. And God loves us anyway. The same.

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