Saturday, January 28, 2012

changin baby in public

Our errands today in the Galleria area today sparked a memory from two weeks ago.  When I encouraged a restaurant I was fond of as child, only to find it not-so-baby-friendly.

We try to be conscious of our baby’s moist pants during our gallivanting, taking turns changing him.  And as old as this particular restaurant is, I assumed a baby station in the men’s room would be a stretch.  So, off to the ladies room we went! 

I opened the door to discover a TINY bathroom. It was about 5 feet long and 3 1/2 feet wide. The sink was small enough to fit INSIDE my diaper bag. And, of course, no baby station!  My only option was the dirty bathroom floor, which I just couldn’t stomach -- even with the roll out diaper pad to put between baby and tile.

So I did a total MacGyver move. I squatted down and braced myself against one wall, placed the diaper bag on the floor and Reef across my bent legs. I changed his diaper balancing on the balls of my feet and holding his wriggly body in place.  And I did it all in less than a minute.

You would have thought I’d just won the lottery from the smile on my face as I exited the bathroom. I was AWESOME y’all.

As I slipped back into my seat next to my Panky, with my clean, dry baby balancing on my thigh, I mentally added the “Creative Diaper Changing” badge to my invisible momma sash.

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