Monday, December 19, 2011



I realized this weekend that you are officially a real baby now. You recently decided to hang up your newborn status without sending your father and I the memo. I say this because newborns don’t attempt sitting up for minutes at a time. Newborns don’t have intense baby babble conversations with that weird little frog thing that hangs from your car seat. Newborns don’t decide to eat an entire bowl of food, including carrots.

I will miss my “little peanut” as I liked to call you when you were a swaddled and sleepy newborn -- but I like this new baby you’ve become. You are turning into a real firecracker and I am constantly amused by the big personality that is pouring out of my little man.

Currently, your favorite thing in the entire world is staring and laughing at your big brother and big sister.  They fascinate you in a way nothing else does. Not to mention, cuttin’ up and giggling with your mommy and daddy. You’ve figured out how to push your pacifier back in your mouth using your chubby little hand and you prefer Daddy to sing old REO Speedwagon or Hall-n-Oats songs to you over the traditional lullabies.

Sometimes I think I can actually see you growing right before my very eyes. The whole world is opening up to you and we have been standing right there, watching with amusement and joy as you soak it all in. You are one heck of a baby, Mister Reef, and I am one lucky mama.

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