Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It rubs me wrong when people have secrets of looking good or saving money and don’t share them. It’s incredibly selfish and tacky. Like when someone asks a skinny model how she stays so thin and the response is like “Oh, I eat whatever I want! And then walk my dogs and meditate!” and they really have a tape worm and starve themselves and work out three hours a day and do meth twice a week. Phonies! If I know about something that’s going to solve your problems, I want to tell you about it. Because 1) I like you, and 2) karma says so.

I am painfully picky about cosmetics. Especially foundation. For this reason, I rarely wear it. And then I go out in public and you’re all like [gasp]. I have tried probably hundreds over the years. Realistically, closer to 10 or 15. But while I’d like to have the porcelain skin I once had…I don’t. However, I now find, at my age, that less is still more and this foundation or shall I say "no foundation foundation", is really perfect. It covers just enough without any look at all of being made-up!

As much as it wants to be, this is not a "one-color-fits-all" product. That said, however, you absolutely CAN customize this color to match *you*. In order for this to blend seamlessly with my skin tone, I mix just a bit of moisturizer with it and VOILA, it is fantastic! I get the benefits of Perricone skincare, SPF 30, and the perfect color to match my skin.

In a word? AWESOME!!!

If you have drier skin, be sure to moisturize properly first (Perricone's Face Finishing Moisturizer is a great one!) before applying. As for me, I have extremely oily skin in my 30’s...extremely. By which I mean my face could qualify for OPEC world status. That's how oily I am.

Furthermore, I have experienced no breakouts using this product (and I'm pretty prone to them when a formulation does not suit me).

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