Thursday, December 1, 2011


We don't all have DSLR cameras, but we all have phones. Here are some great tips for taking better pictures with your camera phone...

Tip #1 – A good photo on your phone has to do with timing.

Stand still after taking a photo and know that your phone’s camera might not snap the photo as soon as you click the shutter button. Many cameras on phones will take the photo on the RELEASE of the button. So stand still and wait a second or two after you take the photo or to keep it from being blurry.

Tip #2 – Find Good Natural Light

We could talk about not using your on camera flash all day! ha. But we’ll be brief and recommend going outside or moving your subject to a window with good light. Avoid harsh sunlight and standing near lamps as well.

Tip #3 – Don’t Zoom – Move Closer to the Subject
The digital zoom on many camera phones only magnify your image and will pixelate your photos. Move closer to your subject so you won’t have to zoom. You’ll get a much sharper image this way.

Tip #4 - Play with the Exposure
iPhones have a tap focus feature and it will change your exposure based on where you touch the screen. This is a simple way to change your focal point and enhance any photo!

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