Monday, December 12, 2011


I heard that November and December accumulate the most trash compared to other months in the year. It’s no surprise, really. And not just by a few tons, but 25% more, to the tune of a million extra tons per week! (source:

With that, I want to post this friendly reminder to reuse once, twice, or a dozen times before throwing away a disposable. Just think: using the same napkin twice or tearing one in half for two meals (yes, we do this – thanks to my Petey) results in HALF as many napkins thrown in the trash on your account. A 50% improvement is worth noting in any book. And so simple!

Most of us are probably using reusable grocery bags for 100% of our shopping, but those plastic buggers still generally find a way into the home. We include them in our recycling, or otherwise use them to collect kitty litter and/or dirty baby dipeys. Bleh! The hubs recently suggested using them as trash can liners in our bathroom(s), as well as, for saving paint brushes and rollers for later. I sure have trained him right!

What suggestions might you have for reusing/repurposing?

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