Wednesday, October 5, 2011


You’re the epitome of awesomeness. Don’t get me wrong – you challenge me and push my buttons. It’s just who you are. But you resonate a whole lotta love for your family. You’re so perfect just the way you are. Without much effort, you excel in school. Gifted and talented -- nothing less than an A. Pretty much always. Your spirit on the football field... just wow -- your teammates marvel at your abilities. And what good looks you have. You want nothing more than your plaid skater shorts and t-shirts, but you can make a paper sack look cute. It’s no wonder you have so many female admirers in 6th grade. Oi vey! There’s a strong passion for music flowing within you, much like I had growing up. You can sit and research bands for hours, discovering new and undiscovered artists. You’re currently attracted to electronic music: drum & bass, trance, downtempo, some house –- you’re SO my kid!

You are incredibly affectionate and love to give me big hugs and kisses. This has been a constant characteristic of yours. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this about you! You still have a serious love for horses, and spend your evenings researching them on the internet. You are CRAZY about books – your vocabulary is often that of an adult as a result. You still can’t match your clothes to save your life. The Mini Bike boy’s t-shirt is about to go missing, I warn. Being feminine and appearing freshly coifed is not high on your list of priorities. Two of your favorite songs right now are Sail by Awolnation and Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. Lastly, you have a brilliant mind. Above your years. I often say you have an old soul.

You rolled over at 8 weeks, although you’ve stopped since. You are such an inch worm, however, that you can wiggle yourself clear across the floor in no time. Everyone comments on how strong you are. You can stand up for long periods of time with just a tiny bit of support under your arms and you have started pulling yourself up when I give you my hands for leverage. You have an insane grip and it sometimes takes serious effort to peel your little fingers off from around objects (or unwrap fistfuls of my hair from your fingers!). You meet your milestones much earlier than expected (my heart BURSTS with pride over this Reef!) You react to your reflection in a mirror, swing at toys that dangle from your play gym, and laugh in response to my jokes and my kisses! You are already teaching me to never (for even a single second) underestimate you. You are quickly getting a reputation for being “the happiest baby ever” as you dole out huge (I mean gigantic!!) smiles left and right and let out bellowing belly chuckles that make everyone else laugh too. You laugh all the time, at everything, and the joy you spread around is so infectious.
My darling children, you have changed the path of my life in the most wonderful way. Being your mother is the greatest thing I have ever known. To watch you grow and develop into three unique, individual little people is a daily gift. I can’t imagine this awe ever wearing off.


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