Monday, October 3, 2011


Some people wait a month or two before posting pictures of their newborn to the public.  Probably because they want to ensure the grouchy-old-troll-baby grows up to be more attractive like Brad Pitt rather than Benjamin Button.  Of course, however, my new squished face baby was a specimen of unquestionable beauty.  I knew that he was destined to make the list of the nation’s Most Beautiful People (and I’ve seen Gabriel Aubrey in hi-def).  I can remember sitting in the hospital bed swooning over his puffy eyes, wrinkled forehead, and yellow complexion.  Don’t forget his scrawny chicken legs.  I was enchanted.  Smitten.  I may have been delirious, but I was in love with that egg-headed baby.  Even the baby acne a few days later couldn’t crush my crush.  He was a stunner.

Reef’s filled out since then.  A lot.  Carrying him is like schlumping around a fortune in gold bricks.  He’s a mini sumo wrestler.  And I’m often afraid I may lose things in the folds of his skin.  His hair’s also fallen out, leaving just enough peach fuzz for people to notice he’s a blondie like his mom and dad.  Now that I think about it, he somewhat looks like a dandelion.  Nevertheless, he’s a happy baby – always sporting a gummy, full-on grin.

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