Thursday, September 29, 2011


The most frequent question from both my prego friends and my non-prego friends is “how did you take off the baby weight that quickly?”  First of all, I haven’t completely shed it all. I gained 51 pounds when pregnant; started out at 103 and ended at 154. Yowza is right!  I’ve lost 37 ‘ell bees’ thus far, but I’ve been parked here for weeks and am somewhat starting to panic. I’m unable to exercise because of my abdominal hernia, and the lack of activity is weighing on me.  Literally speaking.

I’ve never really cared about the number on the scale, so long as I felt good in my clothes -- but after baby #3, I was worried about my body’s ability to bounce back. It took me just a matter of weeks to lose all of my baby weight with Keegan and Bailey (without any dieting or exercise) but being 10 years older with baby #3, I assumed it wouldn’t be as easy.

Quite the contrary.  Breastfeeding is the solution, ladies!  It’s been the common denominator in all three weight loss achievements. Breastfeeding is not only wonderfully nutritious for baby, but it’s fabulous for you, too.

I’m certain, however, I’ve now plateaue’d.  The remainder of my baby weight is not showing any signs of falling off on its own.  It’s going to take exercise to get where I want to be. My girl, Tracy Anderson, will make a regular appearance in my living room just as soon as my hernia is repaired. I’m also trying to eat healthy in the interim…appropriately portioned meals and water. Now…don’t get me wrong…I am proud of what my body has accomplished, even if it is a lot softer and squishier than it used to be. But I very much hope that I can get back to my desired weight so that I can enjoy wearing all of my favorite jeans again.


You know you’re dieting when…
  • You see a broken nacho chip on the floor at work and actually consider picking it up to eat it.  Seriously!  This has happened.
  • A few sips of a beer or margarita now gives you a buzz because you haven't been able to properly carbo-load beforehand.
  • Your jaw hurts from chewing so much gum.
  • Instead of wiping the ice cream off your child's face, you kinda get the urge to just lick it off.
  • You bark at your children to clear their plates and then RINSE them in the sink, mainly so you don’t feel the urge to pick at their leftovers.  (Thankfully, soggy food is not appealing to me…at this point in my diet, anyway.)
  • As you are in the grocery store line, you see the woman ahead of you buying cans of Spam and actually ponder what it tastes like.  A nice Easter ham?  And then you proceed to fantasize about Easter dinner...Thanksgiving dinner...Christmas dinner...
  • You poop lettuce.

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