Monday, September 19, 2011


My newborn who did nothing but eat and sleep all day is morphing into a busy little guy.  He still eats and sleeps a lot, but he has added a few new tricks to his repertoire.

He Talks. Reef has a lot on his mind. Mostly he says "ah goo." But sometimes he mixes it up and says, "coo coo." He uses his voice to get my attention -- which is good because he has some stiff competition from his brother and sister when it comes to commandeering attention.

He Grows . . . and Grows . . . and Grows. His 3 month clothes are starting to look snug. We have a check up next week for an official weigh in.

He Smiles. He has a few different versions. Sometimes he does a subtle curl of the lip, as if to say, 'Oh, hey there Mom." But more often Reef flashes an exuberant, gummy grin that screams, "LIFE IS GOOD!"

I can no longer remember what life was like before him.  It obviously wasn't as spectacular as it is now.

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