Thursday, August 18, 2011


Even though they are teeny tiny, babies can pass gas and belch as loudly as a full grown man. For some reason I thought that maybe the noise one makes when passing gas would be relative to size. I was grossly misinformed.
You know how when you're hugely pregnant and the baby is taking up so much room that all of your organs are squished up in your chest cavity? Well after the baby is born your organs starting moving back down to the regular positioning - AND YOU CAN FEEL THEM shifting back down. So weird!
At your first post-baby checkup, you and your OB will probably have wildly varying definitions of the phrase "Everything is back to normal".
In the beginning, when your boobs are trying to figure out what the hell is going on, they sometimes spray milk out like someone stuck a pin in a water balloon. I think it's their way of protesting their new predicament.
Becoming a mother is like learning to live life with only one arm. I eat with one arm, type with one arm, go about most of my daily life with one arm. My other arm belongs completely to Reef.
So there you go. a little shared knowledge. There was never a chapter on any of these subjects in my baby books so I wanted to pass it on.

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