Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It was a sure quiet July 4th weekend – no “pops” in the night, that is. Fireworks were banned this year, thanks to the severe dry weather we’re having here in south Texas. Despite the heat, there was still fun left to be had.

The Roach family gathered at the Conroe lake house on Saturday. As usual, there was no shortage of food – I am always thankful for Gigi’s culinary skills. Pete, Keegan, Bailey, and Maddox slid their bellies down the slip-n-slide most of the afternoon. Fun was apparent here – giggles could be heard many houses down, I’m certain. Little Maddox did well keeping up with the big kids, with the exception of a topple or two. Andy (aka B-I-L) nearly served me boozed up pina coladas -- a mistake I wish had made it to fruition. And I was thankful for the time spent watching my honey run around with his shirt off.

As for Sunday, I had planned to throw out my babe’s most cherished tank. [One of my favorite things to do is check things off a list.] I thought that perhaps I could snag it, hide it somewhere until he forgets about it….only to realize it was nowhere to be found because he was wearing it already!! I guess I’ll never understand the bond between a man and a hole-E tank that’s 10 sizes too small. [This task…back on the list.]

3 random strangers approached me over the course of the weekend with comments to the likes of “you’re the cutest pregnant person I’ve ever seen.” How did they know how much I needed that -- during these last few weeks, when I feel so large, can no longer walk, breathe, sleep or function normally, and may start mooing at any moment? I’m actually quite thankful for my giant belly – my swollen feet and massive cankles are hidden from my view.

Monday got started off right -- with donuts. I promptly shoved two chocolate glazed in my mouth, downed a glass of milk and happily went about my day with all my worldly wishes granted.

The evening concluded with Eleanor Tinsley Park’s live July 4th celebration on the boob tube. Prior to one of the performances, the National Anthem began. Keegan made mention that he can never remember all of the words. And so, I sang. Out loud. And while I am probably beyond tone deaf, I still love to sing. I am likely a more horrible singer than the worst American Idol contestant. But what to my wondering ears do I hear, “Mom, you’re a really good singer. You should start a mom band.”

A mom band, eh? [chuckles]

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