Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Against the odds, Casey Anthony and her legal team managed to beat the justice system’s case against her. Still, there’s a rap she’ll never be able to escape: she was a bad mom.
For moms who sometimes judge other moms (that means all of us), this is a wonderful opportunity to be judgmental — with almost no guilt!  Casey Anthony was an actual bad mom, who did real bad things.  I'm not talking 'bout the kind of petty stuff that usually causes us to clutch our pearls.  This wasn’t feeding the kids fast food, cursing at them, or forgetting to pick up them up from school.

No matter how I struggle to handle the working-mom juggle, I now have a benchmark: I’m not as terrible a mother as Casey Anthony.  It’s a low standard, to be sure, but it gives me something to work with. 

The example of Casey Anthony allows me to give myself a break for a chance. I may not be able to define what makes a good mom, but I sure know what a bad one is.

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