Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I get them still.  Occasionally.  But I miss old notes and cards. The kind people wrote before Facebook and e-mail made connecting seem as easy as leaving a supportive comment on a status update. The kind that came before long-distance was cheap.  Before phones even existed.

As much as I appreciate the instant gratification of a digital line drop, you can’t hold a Tweet in your hand and an email just isn’t as satisfying to receive as a physical card with a familiar signature. [Hence, Angela’s last month’s out-of-the-blue “thinking of you” card.  It still hangs on my bulletin board.]  With that, I love how you can keep a card around, on the fridge or on your desk, to look at again and again, or store it away to serve later as a memory of your life and the people who loved you.

Although I can't walk into a Hallmark without having my eyes well up with tears, I am so thankful for places like that which promote the nastalgia of a hand-written note.  We should support more of this.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    Mandi, I am a firm believer in old fashioned cards and notes in the mail. I only wish that I received more (well, any) in the mail. It's nice to open the mailbox and see a pink/red/purple/etc. card peeking out beneath all the bills and junk mail. What a heartwarming moment that puts a smile on anyone's face. Much love!! Hugs & kisses, Angela


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